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Events @ The Washburn

Event news c/o the Washburn Committee...


Spring 2020 experiences with Covid-19 have prompted a radical rethink of how Washburn Releases are conducted. New systems have been developed and can be expected to carry on evolving.

PLEASE don't assume any future release will work like a release in the past and PLEASE check the details of any advertised events - not least because pre-booking is likely to become the new norm.


Please see our Washburn Calendar for release dates.

Preparing for your visit:

Dates of upcoming releases need to be checked close to the time. Although we expect all events to take place, there is always the possibility of cancellation (too little or too much water) beyond our control. Wherever possible, initial confirmation will be obtained at least 14 days before discipline events and 10 days before weekend cruises. 

All participants should ensure that the event is on by contacting the Washburn Information Line (0845 833 8654) before travelling.


Our Covid-19 Track and Trace system means we are currently running a bookings-only system. Booking is always via a unique link in the event-page.

Anyone planning to attend as a VISITOR (not paddling) is encouraged to pre-register via this Google form or by emailing:  [email protected]

Join the text information service: 

Many of you will know that we have a database of club and individual mobile phone numbers which were originally envisaged for use in an emergency via a text out system. This showed its worth on three such occasions of last minute calculations and after some consultation we have decided for the time being at least to extend the system to alert you to Washburn events. 

Subscribe to this please - again using the above address (we will filter out any duplicates).


Everyone attending Washburn Cruises is required to be covered by 3rd Party Liability Insurance c/o British Canoeing. This can be achieved any of three ways:

  • As Individual Members of British Canoeing / Canoe Wales / the Scottish Canoe Association or the Canoe Association of Northern Ireland;
  • As Members of a British Canoeing Affiliated Club which is formally attending the event;
  • Through payment of a £5.00 Surcharge

Unless otherwise advised, the charges are then £10 (adults) / £6 (under 18s).

Event Safety:  

We want everyone to have a fun and safe day when the paddle or visit the Washburn. The Washburn is not suitable for novice paddlers and all users should ensure they are familiar with the risks asociated with the activity - see Event Safety Information.  

An important part of this and our work with Yorkshire Water is that all paddlers are required to sign in before paddling and sign out after paddling (if you are getting off the river at the Woodyard, please sign off before leaving the top car park with the approximate time you will be getting of the river).

Additional Information:  

If you are coming to the Washburn you may also be interested in the following information on the local area: