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Event Safety

We want everyone to have a fun and safe day when they paddle or visit the Washburn. The Washburn is not suitable for novice paddlers and all users should ensure they are familiar with the risks associated with the activity. 

Paddlers and Coaches visiting the Washburn are responsible for their own safety and have a Duty of Care in relation to those that they are coaching / leading / accompanying.  No on-the-water safety is provided so safety cover must be organised and provided by the canoeists themselves. Please take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the safety notices posted at each event by the organiser and/or the risk assessment and risk acknowledgement in the Safety Plan below.

From 2016 paddlers at cruise events (or their parent/guardian/responsible adult) will be asked to sign in before paddling to acknowledge the Washburn Risk Acknowledgement (see below) and sign of when they get off the river.

Organisers Event Safety Pack

Washburn events are Regional events run on behalf of the region by clubs and the Washburn Committee.  To comply with British Canoeing Event safety requirements and to ensure consistency across all events, the Washburn Committee has developed and agreed an Event Safety Plan Template for all event organisers to use.  

Updates or queries on the Event Safety Plan should be sent to the Washburn Committee Event Safety Officer via the contact details provided below.