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Yorkshire Water

For many years, Yorkshire Water has been a key partner for the Yorkshire Regional Development Team...

For many years, Yorkshire Water has supported recreational use of its land, rivers and reservoirs. Available activities have ranged from walking, cycling and horse-riding to fishing and water-sports - including paddle-sports.

In the Dales, Yorkshire Water supports England's premier dam-released white water facility: The Washburn. Elsewhere in Yorkshire, centres such as Howstean Gorge and Underbank Outdoor Activity Centre provide canoeists and kayakers with sustainable, inclusive, affordable access to key Yorkshire Water reservoirs.

In June 2015, Yorkshire Water invited the Yorkshire Region of British Canoeing to an "Exploring Opportunities On Our Land" event to discuss extending recreational opportunities, and in September 2015 the region proposed assorted “more and better places to paddle” initiatives which would serve as a model for partnership working throughout the UK.

Yorkshire Water