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​Yorkshire and Humberside's Regional Development Team

Ensuring there's never been a better time for enjoying yourself in a canoe or kayak in Gods-own-County!

Yorkshire and Humberside's Regional Development Team is made up of volunteers - usually already busy in other ways - who care deeply about the grass roots of canoeing and kayaking.

The work of the RDT covers what the members of British Canoeing in Yorkshire WANT it to cover, but as the consultation settles for British Canoeing 2017-2021 Strategic Plan, we expect most of our activity to fit under one or other of proposed "pillars":

More details will be given when we've sorted our own Development Plan... for which we are currently seeking as much input as possible!

Meetings are held as necessary to monitor progress and to support delivery, and to gather feedback and review priorities. We always strive to offer a face-to-face meeting option, but also try to allow remote participation through conference calls.

Members are elected to the committee at an annual consultative meeting, normally held in October. We also encourage reps to attend meetings from Yorkshire Clubs and Committees to ensure we are in touch with issues and ideas at grass-roots levels. 

If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact the secretary for meeting dates!

See also the Contact Information, Resources and Downloads page where we put key paperwork in the interests of full transparency and accountability.