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Steep Creeking

Slides, slabs, drops, extreme moves and extreme challenge...

Aysgarth FallsEller BeckSwindale Beck, the Upper, Upper Wharfe: Steep Creeking classics right here in Yorkshire! 

Local enthusiasts make extensive use of local opportunities, but having gained that experience can be found anywhere from the Allt a Chaorainn to the Alps. For day trips / weekends away, Cumbria and North Wales are favoured targets.

Enthusiasts can be found in assorted Yorkshire Clubs, and in networks based outside of Clubs including the Yorkshire Paddlers Facebook Group. Key contacts with links to Yorkshire include:

In addition, many Freelance coaches in / around the Yorkshire area offer commercial guiding or coaching on Steep Creeks. See, for example: Kelvin Horner of Sweet-Skills (Leeds based), Ken Hughes of Ken Hughes Courses (local to the Tees) and Sean McGrath of Wild River (Penrith).