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River Running

Challenge, Adventure and Exploration on the shoulders of the Pennines...

When the rivers in in the Yorkshire Dales are running they draw canoeists and kayakers from far and wide. For some, it's perhaps classic gentler sections, at moderate levels, perhaps in open boats. For others, the appeal lies in sustained challenging rapids as only found when the rivers are truly high.

In areas around Yorkshire, local boaters have access to other truly classic rivers, including some which run pretty much year round. Over summer weekends, when levels are not good locally, some will almost always be taking advantage of the easy access to the Tees, to the rivers of Cumbria and North Wales.

Enthusiasts for river running can be found in many clubs in the region. Outside of clubs, networks of boaters can be found through social media and other channels. Inexperienced boaters may also seek out commercial guiding / coaching.

Note: See also Playboating, which covers releases Yorkshire Water facilitate at The Washburn (which runs even when everywhere else is dry) and also facilities such as the Tees Barrage and the forthcoming WW course at Linton Locks on the Ouse.