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Lowland River and Inland Navigation Touring

Few in Yorkshire live far from a great lowland river or inland river, and most offer fine boating!

Lowland rivers about in Yorkshire. Many (but not all) are now formal "navigations" - see below.

Familiar gems include the following:

Most canoeists and kayakers venture upriver, where flows tend to be stronger (see Gentle River Tripping), but even famously lively rivers like the Wharfe and Swale eventually become lowland touring rivers!

We tend to assume all navigations are controlled by the Canal and River Trust, but in Yorkshire we also have others, such as the River Derwent and the Driffield Canal.

Canal and River Trust Navigations and associated rivers in Yorkshire include:

On the fringes of Yorkshire you've got continuations of many of these canals and navigations plus notable gems such as:

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