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Squirt boat (kayak) is the slower, smoother and more graceful element of the sport where kayakers paddle super low volume kayaks and perform fluid and graceful moves above and below the water surface. In competitions squirt boat kayakers gain points for smooth control during their 60 sec choreographed routines. Points are awarded for each different rotation, and additional bonus points awarded for how deep and long they can keep their boat under the water in a mystery move.

– GB Freestyle Website

Yorkshire's very own Claire O'Hara is arguably the most successful female competition boater the UK has ever produced. Squirtboating (see video, above) is just one of her disciplines.

Check out some videos of Claire's moves on her blog:

For more information check out the GB Freestyle Website:

Within Yorkshire we have specialist coaches such as Dennis Newton who can help canoeists and kayakers wanting to progress down this pathway. See http://www.sweetwatercoaching....

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Photos: Alex Edwards