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Freestyle Canoeing

Freestyle canoeing - fun, fast, dynamic... and not sitting down!

Photos: Jack Grace

Freestyle canoeing is the same as freestyle kayaking except the canoeist kneels in the boat and uses a single bladed paddle whereas kayakers sit in the boat and use a double bladed paddle. The C1 (canoeing) discipline uses the same boats as K1 (kayaking), however OC1 (open canoeing) have slightly larger boats and do not have a spray-deck to enclose the cockpit.

– GB Freestyle Website

Throughout the UK, Freestyle with decked or open canoes tends to take place right alongside (and amidst) Freestyle in kayaks. Top local venues include The Washburn and the Tees Barrage, and we hope the new site at Linton Locks will give those in East Yorkshire an excellent, truly local venue.

Doncaster's James Ibbotson (see photos, above and video, below) is a leading British specialist.

By and large, the best contacts and sources of advice are as for Freestyle Kayaking.