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Playboating, including Freestyle / Rodeo and Squirtboating

Raising goofing around to an art form...

Freestyle paddlers use white water waves and holes to perform surf and gymnastic-style manoeuvres and tricks. The sport uses short kayaks [and canoes] designed to surf and spin across the water surface, and release up into the air [...] Squirt boat (kayak) is the slower, smoother and more graceful element of the sport where kayakers paddle super low volume kayaks and perform fluid and graceful moves above and below the water surface [...]

– GB Freestyle Website

It's all just goofing around and having fun on the white water features found on rivers, at weirs and on artificial courses, but some do raise it to an art form, including our very own Claire O'Hara!


Follow our Freestyle Kayaking, Freestyle Canoeing and Squirtboating links to find more about the competition element of these disciplines!