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Surfzone Playboating & Competition

Excitement, challenge, play, competition - surf canoeing in Yorkshire offers it all!

The Yorkshire coast is rapidly becoming known as one of the best areas for surf in England. The geology is favourable for reefbreaks and when a N swell comes down from an Arctic low and meets with an offshore SW airflow the results can be spectacular; points, reefs, beaches and heavy ledges abound.

– Magicseaweed

Anyone who's visited spots like Cayton Bay when the conditions are right will have seen some of the best surf anyone could ever want to see... and enthusiasts can point to other great locations up and down the Yorkshire coast!

Choice of craft is not the biggest deal in the surf community. Waves can be shared by boarders, sit-in kayakers, sit-on-top kayakers, paddleboarders and anyone else who's willing to observe shared etiquette in order for everyone to have safe, enjoyable rides.

Surf Kayaking in the North East

The North East of England has a vibrant Surf Kayaking scene with many extremely accomplished enthusiasts - including Women's World Surf Kayak Champion Tamsin Green

See our Regional Surf Kayaking pages for details: Surf Kayaking - Beach Fun and Competition.

Surf SUP in the North East

Surf SUP is a distinctive branch of Stand Up Paddleboarding. Check out our dedicated page: Standing tall in the Surf with Surf SUP (Paddleboards)!

Yorkshire Surfing Venues

We're planning to add guides to the best surf venues in Yorkshire, but for the meantime check out these links!

Contacts for Yorkshire and the NE: