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Sea Kayaking - Offshore

Flamborough Head has long been a place of pilgrimage for experienced sea kayakers, drawing enthusiasts from far and wide, but sea kayakers are also drawn to everywhere from Whitby and Filey to Spurn Point.

A little further up the coast, Yorkshire based sea kayakers head out to the wonderful waters so impressively documented by Sea Kayaking Northumberland. Highlights include:

Of course, the sea has a temperament and character, which need to be understood. Weather, tides and charts should be considered and journeys planned. Not all sea paddling is on calm water and for some the essence of the sport is in meeting challenging conditions, undertaking long open crossings, or playing in overfalls and tide races. A new development in recent years has been the introduction of sea racing.

Assorted Yorkshire Clubs include sea kayakers, and the Yorkshire Coast Sea Kayakers group on Facebook has become an key focus for local enthusiasts. Freelance providers also offer coaching and guiding. E.g. Kim Bull.

The 'Salt 'n' Shakes' sea kayaking group is a group of like-minded inviduals who want to participate in trips along the Yorkshire coast-line and further afield.  As trips are out at sea, you need to be a relatively proficient paddler, preferably able to roll. Please contact Mike Robson by emailing [email protected]