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Open Water Touring - Inland

Boating on Inland Lakes and Reservoirs...

British Canoeing partner Yorkshire Water owns and controls many reservoirs in Yorkshire and already has arrangements to allow canoeing and kayaking on a few. E.g. Scarhouse Reservoir, north of Pateley Bridge - accessed c/o Howstean Gorge

Other Yorkshire Water Reservoirs have been accessed in the past, and British Canoeing in Yorkshire is currently discussing plans to gain access to many other such reservoirs.

Of course, other open water boating opportunities in Yorkshire are controlled by other partners. Access is often via agreement with a further partner such as Hornsea Sailing Club - which has occasional granted the Open Canoe Sailing Group7 access to Hornsea Mere.

Those based in Yorkshire also have easy access to Windermere, Coniston, Ullswater and other classic open water touring opportunities in the Lake District, to Keilder Water in Northumberland and to Loch Ken in the Scottish Borders.