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Kayak Fishing

The UK Kayak Fishing Championship was one of the first competitive matches staged in the UK in 2007 when a bunch local enthusiasts approached the [Scarborough Angling] Festival to get this then fledgling sport included in the Festival. Simon Everett of UK Kayaks kindly donated a hand carved Trophy and the Festival Committee embraced this new sport with open arms. A superb turnout from all corners of the UK fished on one of the finest September days for years. Local Angler Sam Baxter took the Trophy with a fine Pollock and a new competition was born. With the growth of this sport the event has become a favourite In the annual calendar and continues to attract anglers from all parts, attracted by the rich pickings of Cod & Pollock and the great welcome from the Festival


Yorkshire is now well established as a hub of Kayak Fishing, not least with the annual Kayak Fishing competition featuring in the Scarborough Angling Festival!

Information may be gleaned from many sources, and training is both available and advised. Useful links include:

UK Kayak Fishing Championships

The UK Open continues to be staged as part of the Scarborough Angling Festival:

The focus will  be to have a fun event, run in a professional & safe manner. boat cover & marshals will monitor the competition. additionally it is a condition of entry that all competitors have suitable clothing & safety equipment.(see Rules)