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Adventure Sailing

Adventure sailing in in many way the most distinctive of all British open-canoe traditions.  That was true in the 1870s, and since the early 1990s, this tradition has witnessed a remarkable revival. In 2012, Gavin Millar showed just how far one side of Adventure Sailing had progressed with his 1,000 mile journey in a Solway Dory Sailing Canoe - which came right up the Yorkshire Coast!

Today the Open Canoe Sailing Group is recognised, worldwide, as a truly remarkable home to this side of canoeing - running meets, training, expeditions and more. Several of the OCSG's most experienced Members are in Yorkshire, and meets have routinely included Hornsea.

Of course, the spiritual home of the group is just over the border in Cumbria, with Coniston and Windermere both seeing regular gatherings.