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Learning, Supporting Personal Development and Serving Others...

Some varieties of boating just don't fit with any system, we we have a whole class covering everything from Polo on Stand Up Paddleboards to using canoes for Therapeutic Journeying, and from Freestyle and Surf competition to helping with Flood Rescue!

Even within Yorkshire, recreational boating comes in an amazing variety of shapes and sizes. 

Here, we'll concentrate simply on what doesn't fit anywhere else, from Judged (static) Competition to Using Canoes and Kayaks for Personal Development and Therapeutic Journeying!

  • Lifeguarding
  • Swim Event Safety
  • Flood Rescue
  • Mental and Physical Rehabilitation - Therapeutic Journeying
  • Personal Development
  • Duke of Edinburgh Scheme
  • Commercial "Splash" Sessions
  • Commercial "Challenge" Sessions

We list dozens of other varieties of boating under:

Explore to find recreational options from Beyond-the-Paddle Journeying, River Running and Steep Creeking to Surfzone Playboating, Rock-Hopping and Kayak Fishing - plus competition options as different as Quadrathlon, Canoe Polo and events for International 10 Square Metre Sailing Canoes!