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Sprint - Including Va'a, Ski, SUP

Sprint racing can take almost any form. Competitors can use almost any craft, in whatever pretty much any environments, and can take place over pretty much any agreed distance. 

Traditionally, racing has been on sheltered inland waters, commonly in lanes on regatta lakes using open cockpit kayaks... but Sprint these days can involve anything from Stand Up Paddleboards to Skis, and can involve current and wild water or wind, waves and jostling for position on buoy-turns!

In Yorkshire we're treating Sprint as a branch of Adventure racing. Youngsters interested in Sprints are encouraged to try everything from Boater-X and Sprints in Wild Water Racing to Marathon - but we also run Regional Regattas, and take squads to Nottingham Regattas.

Competitors train in assorted clubs, and some come together as part of a regional squad (open to all Yorkshire boaters). Contact David Jefferies of Pennine CRC for details.