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Yorkshire Slalom Resources

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Resources and links

Useful information for slalom paddlers (email [email protected] if you want something adding).

Canoe Slalom Website

Yorkshire & Northern Canoe Slalom Facebook Group

Important Documents:

2016 Dry Training Day Notes (from 20th November 2016) - See below in the "Downloads" section for:

  • Introductory Sessions - Questions
  • The Home GYm handout
  • The Home Gym - exercises
  • Shoulder Health 
  • Core & Functional Stability
  • 100%Me - Clean Sport and Anti-doping Awareness
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Year Round Strength Training

2015 Dry Training Day Notes (from 13th December 2015) - See below in the "Downloads" section for:

  • The Coach as Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Trainable Attributes for Slalom
  • Sequencing Training
  • Weight Training for Minimal Hypertrophy
  • Optimal Trainability Males
  • LTPD Windows of Opportunity
  • Four Minutes to Fitness
  • Weekly Training Plan  Blank and example
  • Shoulder Health