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Yorkshire Slalom

Clubs and volunteers in the region work together the support slalom participants and the sport in the region...

Yorkshire Slalom Committee

This is comprised of and open to anyone with an interest in slalom in the region and exists to run slalom competitions at the Washburn, provide training days and camps and to help develop this discipline of canoeing in the region. 

For contact details, see below!

Yorkshire Slalom Mailing List

Keep up to date with what is going on by joining our mailing list.

Yorkshire Slalom Training

Clubs and coaches from the region come together to provide slalom coaching days and training camps for paddler in the region.  Training is open to paddlers of all ages and abilities (depending on the venue) and rely on volunteer coaches from clubs across the region giving up their time to run these sessions.

Regular regular trainnig days run through out the winter months at various venues, and week long training camps run at Grandtully in the spring and in August. Details and dates can be found on our slalom events page.

We are trying to better co-ordinate and know who is attending Yorkshire slalom training sessions.  If you are planning to come to a training day/camp as a participant or to coach please email - [email protected] so we know who is coming and who is avaiable to coach.


All resources previously available on the Yorcie website can now be found here.