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Yorkshire's strongest and best-resourced competition discipline...

Excitement and personal challenge - an ultimate test of skill. Speed and precision is crucial as slalomists need to squeeze through a series of gates without making contact to avoid penalty seconds being added to the time taken to paddle from start to finish.

Slalom is intended to test river-running skills in a safe and friendly environment. The object of the sport is to negotiate a course pre-defined by the course designer. The winner of the event will have negotiated the course in the fastest time, with the fewest penalties. There are penalties for hitting and missing gates. There is usually plenty of time to practice at canoe slaloms.

Yorkshire Slalom Calendar / Diary Dates

We're working on a new system for displaying all our training dates and events, but in the meantime see here.

New to Slalom?

You don't need a slalom boat to come and try slalom. Entry level to Canoe Slalom is Division 4 and these slaloms are generally held on calm water and the courses will be simple. Entry level for those with higher level white water skills is Division 2 where competitors may enter a special open event at this level and apply for ranking status following the event, based on the result they achieve.

In Yorkshire we have people racing in all divisions of slalom.  During the season there are regular races at Division 2, 3 and 4 across the county hosted by various clubs.  During July the fast white water at the River Washburn hosts a Division 1 race

Yorkshire Slalom Committee

Yorkshire Slalom (the clubs in the region working together) hold training days and camps for those wanting to improve their slalom skills, run slalom events at the Washburn, and promote the sport in the region.