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Ocean Racing - including Surf-Ski / Outrigger Canoe

For those who want to go racing along Yorkshire's glorious coastline...

The OC scene in the UK is surprisingly big, with new paddlers coming in all the time. The number that paddle and race regularly in all conditions on the sea is much smaller and more spread out, so as OC1 paddlers we’re very fortunate that we can often race with SUP and ski paddlers. The SLSGB ocean ski paddlers, for example, have an excellent ocean racing series, some of which we can enter

– John Galilee

Forget traditional canoe racing in open cockpit kayaks, and forget regatta lakes: these days takes many more interesting forms - and many involve the ocean!

Coquet Canoe Club's "Round the Island Race" is a local take on Ocean Racing: a style of Adventure Racing which is growing rapidly with interest from enthusiasts in all manner of outrigger canoe, ski and stand up paddleboard!

Get in touch with your Local Coaching Representative if you want more information on opportunities within Yorkshire and the North East!

Wind and waves add “x-factor” elements to surfski races that separate the purely fit paddlers from those that know how to use the energy in the water to their full advantage [...] And when paddlers are locked into a competition, tactics and strategy are just as essential as strength, endurance and ocean prowess

– Think Surfski Journal