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IC10 Sailing

For many years, the fastest single handed sailing vessel in the world....

For well in excess of one hundred years racing sailing canoes has fascinated, exasperated, intrigued and even infuriated some of the world’s great sailors. Along the way decked canoes have provided the earliest known recorded planing boats, the second longest standing international sailing event, an enormous amount of idiosyncratic fun and the ability to go upwind like a stiletto through butter. Sailors who become smitten with the class’ unique challenge often stay sailing them for decades.

– International Canoe Homepage

In Victorian times, canoes were fitted with sails and raced, particularly in Britain, USA and Sweden. In the 1930s, legends such as Uffa Fox helped evolve the hull shape, and in the 1970s an International one design hull shape was agreed - giving us the fastest single handed mono-hull in the world.

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