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Yorcie Freestylers @ World Championships

Claire O Action Shot Great By Pete Astles

Photo: PeakUK

For freestyle the hole is awesome and allows every hole trick and even some wave tricks to be performed. That said, it is also super challenging and needs precision, power and perfect timing in order to make them work. It's a really nice mix of fun and challenging.

– Leeds' Eight Time World Champion Claire O'Hara

Claire O'Hara (originally Leeds CC), Dennis Newton (Hull), James Ibbotson (formerly Greenstar) and reigning British Champion Lowri Davies (originally York, now Kool Kayakers) are away competing @ the World Freestyle Championships...

Claire has been training hard with her coach, is feeling fit and is injury free. Her tricks are ready she's excited to get started and give it her best shot.

This is Freestyle...

Claire takes time out to showcase great moves on the feature being used in the World Championships..

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James Ibbotson's Blog...

James Ibbotson

Photo: PeakUK

S****-me-backwards its good! It might be me favourite feature ever!

– Peak UK Athlete Rob Crowe - Official Verdict

Greenstar's James Ibbotson describes the feature as "a beautiful mixture of Nottingham’s inlet gate and the troll hole" - and suggests the GB paddlers "are slaying it" -

Yorcie Inspiration & Coaching...

Ottilie Robinson Shaw

Photo: PeakUK

Ottie is amazing. She is the leading force in girls’ freestyle in Europe at the moment and really making a big difference to the future of freestyle in the UK. Ottie paddles way beyond her years and is redefining what is possible in junior women’s freestyle. Junior world champion Sage Donnelly started this drive and now Ottie is there with her pushing the limits on the world circuit. She has worked extremely hard for what she has achieved and has the right passion, skill and drive to really push the future of the sport. Everyone should watch and be inspired by this young girl

– Claire O'Hara

This year's underdogs include Team GB's Ottilie Robinson-Shaw: Europe’s top junior female - "leading the charge to define the future of female freestyle paddling" with help from Leeds' Claire O'Hara and Hull's Dennis Newton.

Ottilie describes Claire as "really supportive" and credits her with having helped a lot with the mental side of the sport and the pressures of competition.

Jackson Blog on This Year's Underdogs:

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Live Feed...

Links to live feed tend to expire... but updates and more should appear on the social media channel:

Getting started...

Yorkshire clubs such as Kool Kayakers and Pennine CRC can get you started in Freestyle, Squirboating and much more. 

To find out visit our Freestyle Kayaking pages...