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Regional ACM - online - 7th Feb, 2022

Eleri Grantully

Over the coming weeks we anticipate ranging over any and all topics of concern to past, current and prospective members of British Canoeing.

– Greg Spencer - Chair

Enthusiasts across Yorkshire & Humberside are invited to join webinars replacing this year's traditional "pie & peas" event - starting with "open house" events on 24th and 31st of January and centred on a formal ACM on Monday 7th February, 2022.

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Following another difficult year for many clubs and for almost all "formal" activity, the Yorkshire & Humberside Region invites all who are interested to come together and start planning for the year ahead.

Our first two sessions will be informal opportunities for reviewing where we stand and the challenges / opportunities lying ahead. Both will be online.

* Monday 24th January - 7:30pm to 9pm

* Monday 31st January - 7:30pm to 9pm

These will be followed by a more formal ACM where we agree a new Regional Development Team for 2022-2023.

* Monday 7th February - 7:30pm to 9pm

Registering / Obtaining Login Details

We have set up an automatic registration system with Eventbrite: see

Registering for the main ACM will also lead to an invitation to the "open house" events in the preceding weeks.

All queries should be directed to [email protected]