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Regional Consultation - Spring 2021

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Over the coming weeks we anticipate ranging over any and all topics of concern to past, current and prospective members of British Canoeing.

– Greg Spencer - Chair

Enthusiasts across Yorkshire & Humberside are invited to join a series of webinars in a process replacing this year's traditional "pie & peas" event - starting with an "open house" on Tuesday 23rd February, 2021.

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We would like to allow the process to evolve based on who wants to do what... with people invited to drop in where they are keen and not under pressure to get involved in anything more - but with a spine of "core" sessions:

  1. Tuesday 23rd Feb - touch base / take ideas - look back at 2020 craziness: clubs, informal, mental health & welfare & Covid-recovery;
  2. Thursday 4th March - maybe centres closing & schools & uniform groups, incl. DofE & bits around coaching / leadership;
  3. Tuesday 9th March - maybe start with access & environment & facilities (including Linton & Washburn) then a look ahead to the forthcoming British Canoeing AGM;  
  4. Thursday 18th March - maybe the full range of other boating outside of competition: inland touring to sea kayaking, surf to WW, any craft;
  5. Tuesday 23rd March - maybe the full range of competition, from recreational novice through to talent pathways - in and beyond ICF disciplines;
  6. Tuesday 30th - ideally action planning, incl. electing a team, agreeing how we're going to work in 2021;

Around these "core" sessions, the Regional would like to see side-sessions with working groups: on a specific issue, with specific groups (clubs or otherwise) and so on.  

Registering / Obtaining Login Details

We have set up an automatic registration system with Eventbrite: see

All queries should be directed to [email protected]

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