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Bicentenary Celebrations on the Leeds-Liverpool Canal

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The Kennet

Final Bicentenary celebrations commenced yesterday with a photo-call on the River Aire and with a "Boaters Reception" within the Royal Armouries. These continued today as a Flotilla departed for Apperley Bridge - with canoe and kayak outriders!

The Heritage Education Shortboat Kennet led the way and is continuing to Liverpool. White Rose Canoe Club led the accompanying paddlers, which also included representatives of Pennine CRC and The Water Rats.

The celebrations are being led by the Canal & River Trust, which cares for the canal, the Leeds & Liverpool Canal Society, the Inland Waterways Association and the 12 boroughs through which the canal passes.

For more information and the timetable for the ongoing celebrations see https://www.britishcanoeing.or...