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Film and Photography Festival

Srdt Film Festival

In November the Southern Region ran a Film and Photography Festival showcasing, a number of contest entries from throughout the year through digital and printed photography displays, a number of short films, talks by Ivan Lawler, Dave Surman (Kingfisher Canoe Club), Ben Simmons (Abingdon School) and the annual review of the Southern Regional Development Team. 

We decided the best way to sum up the event was through making a short highlights video!

Regional Film & Photography Festival - Highlights from Gemma Clements on Vimeo.


Celebrate Nature

  • Wildlife Photographer – Louise Royle
  • Paddling Pets Film Editor – Brian Biffin
  • Most INNS Photos Recorded - Liz Murnaghan

Let’s Go Paddling

  • Group Photo Photographer – David Surman

Adventure and Expedition

  • Selfie Photographer – Richard Hodge
  • Expedition Photographer – Shaun Mahoney
  • Adventure and Expedition Film Editor Daniel Pritchard 

Sharing Success

  • Athlete in Action Photographer – Louise Royle
  • Athlete in Action Film Editor – Chloe Kinsman


  • Best Caption – Steve Nicholas
  • Club Trip Film Editor - Callum Delaney 
  • Finalists - Dan Smith & Alex Tripp 


  • Scavenger Hunt Photographer - Liz Murnaghan

 National and International 

  • Photographer - David Priddis, Jersey
  • Film Editor - Paul Clark, US

We have also put together a photo gallery from the event.