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Abingdon Blastathon

This is a fun easy going freestyle event held on Abingdon Weir that`s been running as a club event for many years dedicated to Chris Wheeler, who was a firm supporter and won it regularly. It consists of the classic Abingdon move the Blast and its variations as well as some really old skool moves with points for style and originality. 

Abingdon Blastathon

This year upstart Joe Callard, a former Pathfinder member, deposed the ruling king Matt Attree to take the trophy!! There were 18 participants however in previous years its managed up to 40.

Abingdon Blastathon Two

The event is hosted by Kingfisher Canoe Club who despite a struggle and having lost their venue, has still been thriving and running full beginner`s courses for both the adult and youth sections with good retention. A variety of activities/trips are still being organised both locally and further afield. The Lock keeper at Abingdon has been extremely supportive and there is a planning application in for a club store, with 130 supportive comments from the public, supportive letters from both a local MP and British Canoeing as well as coverage in the local press and social media.