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Award of Honour: Brian Sheen

Brian Sheen 1

Brian has led numerous expeditions around the world taking members of his local scout group as well as university researchers to explore the lakes and waterways of Europe, America and Central America. 

He was also instrumental in the provision of kayak rescue training for lifeguards on the north coast of France as well as further afield in Hong Kong where he set up and ran a coaching scheme. 

In 1976, Brian took up his first role with the British Canoe Union as a News Editor, quickly progressing to National Coach and Chair. He worked closely with the National Safety Committee and wrote the Canoe Safety Test as well as a First Aid Guide for coaches. During his time in post, Brian was also responsible for establishing British Canoeing’s most prestigious awards - the Award of Valour.

Although retired from paddling now, Brian maintains a keen interest in the sport and is President of Fowey River Canoe Club.

His long standing commitment to the development of paddling, both at home and abroad, has seen him presented with British Canoeing’s Award of Honour.