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Key Contacts

Here you can find a list of key contacts for the British Canoeing South West region.

Listed below are the key contacts for British Canoeing's South West region. Simply click or tap on the link to get in touch.






Jane Evans - [email protected]

Regional Waterways Advisor Devon & Cornwall and the upland rivers of Somerset

Pete Thorn - [email protected]

Regional Waterways Advisor Wessex

Steve Warwicker - [email protected]

Regional Coaching Representative Devon & Cornwall

Chris Waters - [email protected]

Regional Coaching Representative Wessex

Joe Jordan - [email protected]

Safety Advisor

Mark-Jan Dielemans - [email protected]

Paddle-Ability Officer

Dan Pritchard - [email protected]

Slalom Representative

Alison Longhurst - [email protected]

Marathon Representative

Emma Riley - [email protected]

Polo Representative

Mark Gillett - [email protected]

Open Canoe Association

Mark-Jan Dielemens - [email protected]

Canoe Lifeguards

Dan Tolchard - [email protected]