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North West Contacts

Here you can find a list of key contacts for the British Canoeing North West region. 

Listed below are the key contacts for British Canoeing's North West region. Simply click or tap on the link to get in touch.


Joe Parkin - [email protected]


Craig Ford - [email protected]


Pat Green - [email protected]

Regional Coaching Representative

Billy Lo - [email protected]

Regional Paddle-Ability Representative

Andy Hamilton - [email protected]

Regional Waterways Adviser

Barry Curly - [email protected]

Area Coaching Representative - Lancashire

Dan Wilkinson - [email protected]

Area Coaching Representative- Cheshire

Owen Jones - [email protected]

Area Coaching Representative - Merseyside

Dave Reynolds - [email protected]

Area Coaching Representative - Greater Manchester

Nathan Garnett - [email protected]

Halton Rapids

Pat Green - [email protected]

Burrs Country Park

Joe Parkin - [email protected]