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Key Contacts

East Region Key Contacts:

Below you will find the emails for the East Region Development Team who will be happy to hear from you:

·       Chair (Paul Younger

·       Vice Chair (Carl Von Berg)

·       Secretary (David Savage

·       Treasurer (Helen Toser)

·       Regional Waterways Advisor (David Savage)

·       Regional Safety Advisor (Vacant) 

·       Regional Communications Officer (Vacant) 

·       Regional Paddle-ability (Vacant)  

·       Regional Events, Trails and Tours Co-ordinator (Vacant)

·       Regional Youth and Schools (Vacant)

·       Regional Volunteer Support and Recognition (Vacant)

·       Regional Disputes and Legal (Vacant)


Coaching Representatives:

The Regional Coaching representatives will be happy to help you find what you need such as a Coach/Leader to help you improve your skills, or perhaps recommend a club or centre if you cannot find what you need from Here or maybe your looking for a course but cannot find something from Here

·       Regional Coaching Representative (Dom Miller

·       Bedfordshire (Dom Miller)  

·       Cambridgeshire/Peterborough (Vacant) 

·       Essex (Clive Marfleet

·       Hertfordshire (Carl Von Berg)

·       Norfolk (Vacant) 

·       Suffolk (Adam Williams)  


County Representatives

·       Bedfordshire (Rob Bates)

·       Cambridge/Peterborough (Dave Walton)

·       Essex (Paul Younger)

·       Hertfordshire (Carl Von Berg)

·       Norfolk (Jeff Toser)

·       Suffolk (Tim Midwinter)