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Open Canoeing

The Open Canoe is an infinitely diverse craft. It can be used for anything from day trips, exploring local canals and waterways, to full on weeks in remote wilderness areas.

Open Canoeing offers the ultimate in versatility for leisure, challenge or adventure. A leisurely afternoon cruise along a local waterway, getting close to nature for a day or on an overnight trip, and when it comes to packing gear for that extended and remote expedition, that’s what the Open Canoe was designed for!

Open Canoeing has evolved from a variety of practical uses, survival as well as trade and commerce. As a consequence, there are a whole suite of skills for open water, moving water and journeying.

Whatever your motivation for taking to the water, the Open Canoe offers opportunity and excitement either as a solo paddler or in ‘tandem’ with a partner. You are sure to find an aspect of open boating to suit your personality and aspirations.