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Liam Heath MBE

Liam Heath MBE

Sprint - Podium

Liam Heath is the reining Olympic Champion and holds the world's fastest time in the K1 200m, an event he only started competing in seriously in 2016.

He is also a multiple Olympic medallist in the K2 200m with partner Jon Schofield including Rio 2016 silver and London 2012 bronze.  They are three-times European Champions and have won silver and bronze medals at the World Championships and multiple medals in the World Cup series. 

Liam was first introduced to kayaking as part of an organized ‘holiday fun’ activity week at Wey Kayak Club at the age of 10. In amongst other sporting activities Liam chose to pursue kayaking as it came quickly and naturally to him.

Liam attended Loughbrough University and graduated with a degree in Industrial Design and Technology. Liam can name and make over 150 different cocktails.


Date of Birth: 17-08-1984
Born: Guildford, Surrey
Hometown: Guildford, Surrey
Lives: Maidenhead, Berkshire
Occupation: Athlete
Height / Weight: 1.80m / 75kg
Hobbies: Art, Design and 3D design


Class: Canoe Sprint - Men's K2 200m, Men's K1 200m
Olympics: London 2012, Rio 2016
Paddling since: 1994
Club: Wey Canoe Club
Coach: Eric Farrell
Boat Manufacturer: Nelo Cinco
Paddles Manufacturer: Jantex
Lottery Funding: UK Sport Podium Programme


Year Olympic Games World Championships European Championships World Cups National/Other
2018 Montemor O Velho:
K4 500m - 13th
WC1 Szeged:
K4 500m - 18th

WC2 Duisburg:
K4 500m - 15th
2017 Racice:
K1 200m - 1st
K1 200m - 1st
WC 2 Szeged:
K1 200m - 1st

WC 3 Belgrade:
K1 200m - 2nd
2016 Rio:
K1 200m - 1st
K2 200m - 2nd
K1 M 200m - 1st
WC1 Duisberg:
K2 200m - 7th
K1 200m - 3rd

WC2 Racice:
K2 200m - 3rd
K1 200m - 1st
2015 Milan:
K2 200m – 5th
K2 200m – 4th
WC 2 Duisberg:
K2 200m – 3rd
WC 3 Copenhagen:
K2 200m – 1st
2014 Moscow:
K2 200m – 4th, K1 200m Relay – 3rd
K2 200m – 4th
K2 200m – 5th
WC 2 Racice:
K1 200m – 2nd, K2 200m – 4th
WC 3 Szeged:
K2 200m – 2nd
2013 Duisburg:
K2 200m – 2nd, K1 200m Relay – 4th
K2 200m - 4th
WC 1 Szeged:
K2 200m – 2nd
WC 2 Racice:
K2 200m - 2nd
2012 London:
K2 200m - 3rd
K2 200m -1st
2011 Szeged:
K2 200m - 2nd
K2 200m -1st
WC 1 Poznan:
K2 200m – 2nd
WC 2 Racice:
K2 200m – 2nd
2010 Poznan:
K2 200m – 3rd, K1 200m Relay – 2nd
K2 200m - 1st
WC 2 Szeged:
K2 200m – 1st
WC 3 Duisburg:
K2 200m – 1st, K1 200m Relay – 2nd