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Kimberley Woods

Kimberley Woods

Slalom - Podium

Kimberley Woods realised her Olympic dream at the Tokyo 2020 Games, having had her first insight as a member of the Team GB Ambition Programme at Rio 2016. The Rugby born paddler finished 10th in the women's K1 event and produced some excellent runs going through the rounds.

Off the back of her debut Games, Kimberley went on to produce her best ever result at the senior World Championships, winning bronze in the women's kayak despite being involved in a car accident whilst out in Bratislava just days before the competition got underway.

To conclude a strong 2019 season, Kimberley came sixth in the women's kayak at the World Championships to claim her Olympic spot.

Kimberley competes in both C1 and K1 slalom and has been a member of the British senior teams since 2012. She won her first senior C1 medal the following year at the World Cup in Cardiff and has gone from strength to strength.

2019 was an impressive season for Kimberley, winning C1 silver at World Cup 1 at Lee Valley, also finishing fourth in K1. In the last race before the World Championships she again claimed C1 silver at the World Cup Final in Prague to ensure she celebrated a happy birthday!

Kimberley has a strong track record at the European Championships becoming senior European Champion in C1 in 2015 and 2017 and also has two junior and one U23 European title in this event. In 2019 she won the C1 Team event for a fourth successive time with teammates Mallory Franklin and Sophie Ogilvie.

At the 2018 World Championships in Rio she retained her C1 Team title and also won bronze in the K1 Team event.

Kimberley’s individual medal success in 2018 came in what was her final year in the U23 World Championships, winning silver in the C1 and bronze in the K1 as well as a bronze in the K1 Team event. This kept up her impressive record of winning a C1 medal at every U23 World Championship she competed in 2015-2018.

She has won a total of nine individual World Cup medals to date including three gold in C1 and one silver in K1.

Kimberley has a degree in Sports Studies from Hertfordshire University. 


Date of Birth: 1995
Born: Rugby
Hometown: Rugby
Lives: Cheshunt, Hertfordshire
Occupation: Athlete
Height / Weight: 1.61m / 62kg
Hobbies: Watching TV and enjoys Sci -Fi programmes


Class: Canoe Slalom - Women’s Canoe Single (C1) & Women’s Kayak Single (K1)
Paddling since: 2004
Club: Rugby Canoe Club
Coach: Craig Morris
Boat Manufacturer: C1 Vajda Hype / K1 Galasport Caipi Fins
Paddles Manufacturer: Galasport
Lottery Funding: UK Sport Podium Programme


Year Olympic Games World Championships European Championships World Cups National/Other
2022 Liptovsky
C1 - 18th
C1 team - 4th
K1 - 21st
K1 team SILVER
CSLX - 9th
WC3 Tacen:
C1 6th
K1 26th

WC 2: Krakow:
K1 16th
C1 24th
CSLX 8th

WC 1 Prague:
C1 6th
K1 12th
CSLX 35th
2021 Tokyo:

K1 - 10th
C1 - 15th
Extreme - 9th
K1 Team - GOLD
C1 Team - 4th
K1 - 5th
C1 - 5th
K1 Team - 1st
C1 Team - 2nd
WC1: Prague
K1 - 4th
WC2 Markkleeberg:
K1W - 26th

WC3: La Seu
C1 - 20th
K1 - 25th
Extreme - 7th

2019 La Seu d'Urgell:
K1 - 6th
K1 Team - 1st
C1 -
C1 Team - 8th
K1 - 35th
C1 - 3rd
C1 Team - 1st
K1 Team - 7th
WC 1 Lee Valley:
C1 - 2nd
K1 - 4th

WC Final Prague:
C1 - 2nd
K1 - 5th
2018 Rio:
C1 Team - 1st
K1 Team - 3rd

U23 Worlds, Ivrea:
C1 - 2nd
C1 Team - 4th
K1 - 3rd
K1 Team - 3rd
C1 - 10th
C1 Team - 1st
K1 - 6th
K1 Team - 4th
WC1 Liptovsky:
C1 - 4th
K1 22nd

WC2 Krakow:
C1 - 9th
K1 -12th

WC3 Augsberg:
C1 - 4th
K1 - 25th

World Cup Final Le Seu d'Urgell:
C1 - 16th
K1 - 26th
2017 Pau:
C1 - 8th
C1 Team - 1st
K1 - 29th
K1 Team - 16th

U23 Bratislava:
C1 - 3rd
K1 - 7th
C1 Team - 1st
K1 Team - 2nd

C1 - 1st
C1 Team - 1st
K1 - 12th
K1 Team - 6th
WC Final:
C1 - 4th
K1 - 15th

WC3 Markleeberg:
C1 - 9th
K1 - 30th

WC 2 Augsburg:
C1 - 30th
K1 - 24th

WC 1 Prague:
C1 - 1st
K1 - 2nd
2016 Krakow:
C1 U23 - 2nd
C1 Team U23 - 1st
K1 U23 - 4th
K1 Team U23 - 6th
C1 - 22nd, C1 Team- 1st
K1 - 26th, K1 Team- 1st

U23 Solkan:
C1 - 1st, C1 Team - 1st
K1 - 2nd
WC1 Ivrea:
C1 - 3rd, K1 - 26th

WC 2 Le Seu:
C1 - 4th, K1 - 29th

WC 3 Pau:
C1 - 5th, K1 - 21st

WC 4 Prague:
C1 - 4th, K1- 16th

WC5 Tacen:
C1 - 1st, K1- 6th
2015 Lee Valley:
K1 – 10th,
K1 Team – 2nd ,
C1 – 4th,
C1 Team – 4th

Jnr & U23 Brazil:
C1 U23 – 3rd, C1 U23 Team – 3rd,
K1 U23 – 4th, K1 U23 Team – 8th
C1 - 1st,
C1 Team - 3rd,
K1 - 11th,
K1 Team - 11th

Jnr & U23, Krakow:
C1 U23 Team - 1st
WC 2 Krakow:
C1 - 2nd,
K1- 24th

WC 3 Liptovsky:
C1 - 16th,
C1 Team – 2nd,
K1 - 39th,
K1 Team – 4th

WC 4 Le Seu d’Urgell:
C1 - 3rd;
K1 - 23rd

WC 5 Pau:
C1 - 20th,
K1 - 30th,
C1 Team – 2nd,
K1 Team - 3rd
2014 Jnr & U23 Penrith:
K1 U23 Team – 1st
WC 2 Tacen:
C1 - 4th,
K1 - 37th,
K1 Team - 4th

WC 3 Prague:
C1 - 15th,
C1 Team - 3rd,
K1 - 13th,
K1 Team - 4th
2013 Prague:
C1 - 7th,
C1 Team - 4th,
K1 - 30th

Jnr & U23 Liptovski:
C1 Jun – 7th,
C1 Jun Team – 4th,
K1 Jun – 2nd,
K1 Jun Team – 7th
C1 - 6th

Jnr & U23 France:
C1 Jun – 1st,
K1 Jun –11th,
K1 Jun Team – 2nd
WC 1 Cardiff:
C1 - 1st,
C1 Team - 2nd

WC 2 Augsburg:
C1 – 3rd,
K1 – 33rd

WC 4 Tacen:
C1 - 9th,
K1 - 16
2012 Jnr & U23 Wausau:
C1 U23 Team – 3rd,
C1 Jun -3rd,
K1 Jun Team – 1st,
K1 Jun – 4th
C1 Team – 3rd

Jnr & U23 Solkan:
C1 U23 Team – 3rd,
C1 Jun – 1st,
K1 Jun Team – 4th,
K1 Jun – 2nd
WC 1 Cardiff:
C1 – 4th
WC 4 Prague:
C1 – 5th
2011 Jnr & U23 Banjaluka:
C1 Jun -5th,
K1 Jun – 7th
K1 Team - 3rd