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Joseph Clarke MBE

Joseph Clarke MBE

Slalom - Podium

Joe Clarke is the 2016 Olympic Champion in the canoe slalom men's K1, making history at the Rio Games by winning GB's first gold medal in this event and Team GB's second gold medal of the Games.

2023 has been Joe's most successful season to date, becoming a double World Champion after some incredible performances in front of a home crowd at the World Championships at Lee Valley White Water Centre, winning gold in both the K1 and Kayak Cross.

The world title in K1 was his first World Championship medal in canoe slalom, whilst the Kayak Cross gold made him a triple men's kayak cross World Champion, after putting down some blistering performances in both Augsburg and Bratislava to take gold in the new Paris 2024 Olympic event. 

He became Britain's first senior World Champion in the discipline too, despite initially missing out on qualification until a spot was handed back. 

In addition to the the two World titles, Joe has five medals in the early World Cups and European Games, including gold at World Cup 3 in Tacen for kayak cross.

2022 also saw Joe claim two silvers, one at the World Championships in the men's K1 team event, and an individual medal at World Cup 2 in Krakow, a strong course for Joe.

Joe had an extremely strong 2019 season and he got it off to a great start ,winning gold at World Cup 1 at Lee Valley as well as posting his best ever result at the European Championships finishing fourth. He had been in the final of every event that season, demonstrating his consistency in this often unpredictable sport.

In 2018 he won his first ever World Cup gold at World Cup 2 in Krakow and a World Cup bronze in Liptovsky. Having won the semi final in Rio at the World Championships he went on to finish fifth in the final, recording his best ever World Championships result and won gold in the K1 Team event with teammates Bradley Forbes-Cryans and Chris Bowers.  

In 2014, Joe won a silver medal in K1 at World Cup 5, his first senior individual medal.

Joe's interest in canoeing first started on a kayaking trip with the Scouts.  He started paddling canoe slalom when he was 11, joining Stafford and Stone Canoe Club.  From there he was quickly promoted through the divisions and hasn't looked back since breaking into the GB Junior team in 2009.


Date of Birth: 1992
Born: Stoke-on-Trent
Hometown: Stone, Staffordshire
Lives: Waltham Abbey, Essex
Occupation: Athlete
Height / Weight: 1.84m / 75kg
Hobbies: Cycling


Class: Canoe Slalom - Men's Kayak Single (K1) & Kayak Cross
Olympics: Rio 2016
Paddling since: 2003
Club: Stafford & Stone Canoe Club
Coach: Campbell Walsh
Boat Manufacturer: Galasport Caipi
Paddles Manufacturer: RAAB
Lottery Funding: UK Sport Podium Programme


Year Olympic Games World Championships European Championships World Cups National/Other
2023 Lee Valley:

Kayak Cross - GOLD
European Games - Krakow:

WC5: Paris
K1 - 16th

WC4: La Seu

WC3: Tacen
K1 - 9th

WC2: Prague
K1 - 21st
CSLX -35th

WC1: Augsburg
2022 Augsburg:
K1- 16th
K1 Team - SILVER

K1 team - 10th
K1 - 4th
Extreme slalom - 9th
WC5 La Seu:
K1 - 9th
CSLX - 40th

WC4 Pau:
K1 - 35th
CSLX - 20th

WC3 Tacen:
K1 16th
CSLX 27th

WC2 Krakow:

WC1 Prague

K1- 31st
CSLX - 2nd
2021 Bratislava:
CSLX - 1st
K1 - 47th
K1 team - 10th
K1 - 9th
K1 Team - 3rd
WC Final Pau:
K1 - 3rd
CSLX - 44th

WC4 - Le Seu

K1 - 16th
CSLX - 37th

WC2 Markkleeberg:
K1 - 32nd
CSLX - 4th

WC1 Prague:
K1 - 4th
CSLX - 5th
2019 La Seu d'Urgell:
K1 - 5th
K1 Team - 9th
K1 - 4th
K1 Team - 7th
WC1 Lee Valley:
K1 - 1st

WC3 Tacen:
K1 - 6th

WC Final Prague:
K1 - 8th
2018 Rio:
K1 - 5th
K1 Team - 1st
K1 - 11th
K1 Team - 4th
WC1 Liptovsky:
K1 - 3rd

WC2 Krakow:
K1 - 1st

WC3 Augsburg:
K1 - 4th

World Cup Final La Seu d'Urgell:
K1 - 11th
2017 Pau:
K1 - 6th
K1 Team - 11th
K1 - 19th
K1 Team - 6th
WC Final La Seu:
K1 - 13th

WC3 Markleeberg:
K1 - 21st

WC 2 Augsburg:
K1 - 33rd

WC1 Prague:
K1 - 6th
2016 Rio:
K1 - 1st
Not held in Olympic year Liptovsky:
K1 - 10th
K1 Team- 4th
WC2 La Seu:
K1 - 18th
2015 Lee Valley:
K1 – 38th, K1 Team –3rd
K1 - 8th
K1 Team - 2nd
WC 1 Prague:
K1 Team - 4th
WC 2 Krakow:
K1 - 4th
WC 3 Liptovsky:
K1 – 29th
WC 4 La Seu d’Urgell:
K1 - 9th
WC 5 Pau:
K1 - 18th, K1 Team – 2nd
2014 Deep Creek:
K1 - 36th, K1 Team - 3rd
Jnr & U23 Penrith:
K1 U23 Team – 2nd
K1 - 11th
K1 Team - 2nd
WC 1 Lee Valley:
K1 - 11th, K1 Team - 1st
WC 2 Tacen:
K1 - 34th, K1 Team - 8th
WC 3 Prague:
K1 - 6th, K1 Team - 10th
WC 4 Le Seu D'Urgell:
K1 - 24th
WC 5 Augsburg:
K1 - 2nd, K1 Team - 6th
2013 Prague:
K1 - 6th, K1 Team - 15th
K1 - 13th
K1 Team - 7th
WC 1 Cardiff:
K1 - 13th, K1 Team - 4th
WC 3 La Seu d’Urgell:
K1 – 30th, K1 Team – 6th
WC 4 Tacen:
K1 - 29th, K1 Team - 8th
2012 Jnr & U23 Wausau:
K1 U23 – 12th, K1 U23 Team -10th
Jnr & U23 Solkan:
K1 U23 – 7th
K1 U23 Team – 9th
2011 Jnr & U23 Banjaluka:
K1 U23 – 18th
WC 2 L’Argentierre:
K1 – 43rd