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Jonathan Young

Jonathan Young

Paracanoe - Academy

2018 saw Jonny have a strong season in the K1 KL3 200m class. With a 5th place in World Cup 1 in Szeged, a 6th place in the European Championships in Belgrade and finishing off with an 11th place in the World Championships in Montemor O Velho.

In his first full season of racing in 2014 he won silver medals at the European and World Championships. However once the Paralympic boat classes were selected, he switched from Va'a to Kayak. This is a huge technical challenge and he has made great progress in a short time to finish 8th at the 2016 World Championships. Jonny finished second at the British Canoeing Paralympic selection trials to just miss out on selection for Rio 2016.

Before sustaining a spinal injury Jonathan was a multi-activity instructor, including kayak, canoeing, climbing and skiing. He even cycled across North America to raise money for charity.

While at Stoke Mandeville, he took part in the Inter Spinal Unit Games competing in every sport available to him. He recognised the importance of sport in his rehabilitation, so when he was discharged he looked to do sport full time. He attended a talent ID weekend for Paracanoe and was soon training full time for British Canoeing.

Being able to commit to the sport full time bore great results, not only measured in racing success but also in improvements with his mobility; initially he was mostly in a wheelchair, but now he uses only an ankle support and stick.


Date of Birth: 1984
Born: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Hometown: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Lives: Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Occupation: Athlete
Height / Weight: 1.98m / 85kg
Hobbies: Before my injury cycling, climbing, running, paddling, skiing, snowboarding and enjoying the outdoors. Since starting paddling eating and sleeping!


Class: Paracanoe - Men’s K1 200m KL3 & V1 200m VL3
Disability: Spinal Cord Injury (T12 Incomplete)
Paddling since: 1993 but Paracanoe since 2013
Club: Independent
Coach: Matt Lawrence
Boat Manufacturer: Allwave
Paddles Manufacturer: Galasport
Lottery Funding: UK Sport Podium Programme


Year Olympic Games World Championships European Championships World Cups National/Other
2019 Szeged:
KL3 - 9th
KL3 200m - 5th
WC1 Poznan:
KL3 200m - 6th
2018 Montemor-o-Velho:
KL3 200m - 11th
KL3 200m - 6th
WC1 Szeged:
KL3 200m - 5th
2017 Racice:
VL3 200m - 1st
KL3 200m - 3rd
KL3 200m - 5th
VL3 200m - 1st
2016 Duisburg:
KL3 200m - 8th
KL3 200m - 2nd
2015 Milan:
VL3 200m – 2nd
WC 2 Duisburg:
KL3 200m - 9th
2014 Moscow:
V1 TA 200m – 2nd
V1 TA 200m – 2nd