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Jonathan Schofield

Jonathan Schofield

Sprint - Podium

Jon won a Silver medal with Liam Heath in the Men's K2 200m event at the Rio Olympics.  This was their second successive Olympic Games having won the Bronze medal in the K2 200m in London 2012. Since the 200m events were introduced in 2009 the pair have been consistently on the podium. They are three-times European Champions and have won silver and bronze medals at the World Championships and multiple medals in the World Cup series.

Before his canoe sprint career, Jon was a very successful wild water canoeing athlete, winning the Junior World Championships in 2002 and the Senior European title in 2007. Jon then changed canoeing disciplines to become a sprint kayaker and success came instantly. He is now part of a successful partnership with Liam Heath, under the guidance of coach, Rene Olson.

Jon is a graduate from Loughborough University with a degree in Human Biology and also has an MSc in Applied Physiology and Biomechanics from Brunel University.


Date of Birth: 10-05-1985
Born: Petersfield, Hampshire
Hometown: Clitheroe, Lancashire
Lives: Nottingham
Occupation: Athlete
Height / Weight: 1.82m / 82kg
Hobbies: Coffee, classic cars, guitar


Class: Canoe Sprint - Men's K2 200m
Olympics: London 2012, Rio 2016
Paddling since: 1996
Club: Soar Valley Canoe Club
Coach: Paul Darby-Dowman
Boat Manufacturer: Nelo Vanquish 4
Paddles Manufacturer: Jantex
Lottery Funding: UK Sport Podium Programme


Year Olympic Games World Championships European Championships World Cups National/Other
2018 Montemor O Velho:
K4 500m - 13th
WC1 Szeged:
K1 200m - 10th
K4 500m - 18th

WC2 Duisburg:
K1 200m - 10th
K4 500m - 15th
2017 WC 2 Szeged:
K1 200m - 9th
2016 Rio:
K2 200m- 2nd
WC 1 Duisburg:
K2 M 200 - 7th

WC 2 Racice: K2 M 200m -3rd
2015 Milan:
K2 200m – 5th
K2 200m – 4th
WC 2 Duisberg:
K2 200m – 3rd
WC 3 Copenhagen:
K2 200m – 1st
2014 Moscow:
K2 200m – 4th, K1 200m Relay – 3rd
K2 200 - 4th
WC 2 Racice:
K2 200 – 4th
WC 3 Szeged:
K2 200 - 2nd
2013 Duisburg:
K2 200m - 2nd, K1 200m Relay - 4th
K2 200m - 4th
WC 1 Szeged:
K2 200m – 2nd
WC 2 Racice:
K2 200m - 2nd
2012 London:
K2 200m – 3rd
K2 200m -1st
WC 1 Poznan:
K2 200m – 2nd
WC 2 Duisburg:
K2 200m – 2nd, K1 200m Relay – 1st
2011 Szeged:
K2 200m - 2nd
K2 200m - 1st
WC 1 Poznan:
K2 200m – 2nd
WC 2 Racice:
K2 200m – 2nd
2010 Poznan:
K2 200m – 3rd, K1 200m Relay – 2nd
K2 200m - 1st
WC 2 Szeged:
K2 200m – 1st
WC 3 Duisburg:
K2 200m – 1st, K1 200m Relay – 2nd