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Jonathan Boyton

Jonathan Boyton

Sprint - Podium Potential

Jon Boyton is a Men's K1 1000m and 500m sprint kayaker and is a member of the 2018 British senior team. His best results in 2017 include 5th in the K1 1000m, and 7th in the K1 500m at World Cup 1, Montemor-O-Veho, Portugal. Jon also competed in the European Championships, finishing 8th in the K1 1000m.

Jon says that he was no good at any sports when he was growing up. He began canoeing when his mum signed him up for three nights a week at the local canoe club. It cost just £19 for the year, so it was a cheap way to keep him out of trouble and out of the house.

Jon studied Sports Science at Brunel University. Outside of canoeing he is an Athlete Mentor.


Date of Birth: 07/06/1988
Born: Hammersmith, London
Hometown: Hampton Hill, London
Lives: Nottingham
Occupation: Athlete
Height / Weight: 1.85m / 89kg
Hobbies: Surfing, socialising, learning Spanish, enjoying good food


Class: Canoe Sprint Men's K1 500m, K1000m & K2 1000m
Paddling since: 1998
Club: Royal Canoe Club
Coach: Paul Darby-Dowman
Boat Manufacturer: Nelo Moskito
Paddles Manufacturer: Jantex
Lottery Funding: UK Sport Podium Potential Programme


Year Olympic Games World Championships European Championships World Cups National/Other
2018 WC1 Szeged:
K1 1000m - 18th
WC2 Duisburg:
K1 1000m - 17th
K2 1000m - 18th
2017 Plovdiv:
K1 1000 - 8th
K1 5000 - 14th
WC 1 Montemor-O-Velho:
K1 500m - 4th
K1 1000m - 5th
K1 5000m - 7th

WC 2 Szeged:
K1 1000m - 26th
2016 Moscow:
K1 M 1000m - 5th, K1 M 5000m - 14th
WC 2 Racice: K1 1000m- 11th, K1 500m 10th
European Canoe Sprint 2nd round Olympic Qualifier- Duisburg:
K1 M 1000
- 8th
2015 Milan:
K1 500m – 20th, K1 1000m – 16th
K1 1000m – 9th
WC 2 Duisberg:
K1 500m – 13th, K1 1000m – 20th
WC 3 Copenhagen:
K1 1000m – 12th, K1 500m – 10th, K1 5000m – 7th
2014 Moscow:
K2 1000m – 22nd
WC 2 Racice:
K2 1000m - 11th
WC 3 Szeged:
K2 1000m - 9th
2013 Duisburg:
K1 1000m - 22nd
K1 1000m - 16th
WC 1 Szeged:
K1 1000m - 22nd
WC 2 Racice:
K1 1000m – 16th, K1 500m – 16th
2012 Zagreb:
K2 1000m – 11th
WC 1 Poznan:
K2 1000m – 6th
2010 Poznan:
K2 100m – 12th, K2 500m – 10th