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Fiona Pennie

Fiona Pennie

Slalom - Podium

Fiona is one of Britain’s most experienced women's K1 slalom kayakers.

2018 was another successful season for Fiona, claiming bronze at the European Championships in Prague, the opening race of the year. This is her third individual European K1 medal, having been European Champion in 2013 and bronze medallist in 2012. 2018 also saw Fiona compete in the K1 class at the World Championships in Rio where she finished 10th in the K1 final and took bronze in the K1 team event.

Fiona achieved a PB at the Rio Olympics coming 6th in the Women's K1 event.  This was her second Olympic Games having competed in Beijing 2008. She is also a two-time World Championship silver medallist from 2006 and 2014 and has also won five individual World Cup medals to date.    

Fiona learnt to kayak in Scotland with her then coach Johnny Brown. Her mother was an international canoe sprint paddler, which probably explains why Fiona has played in boats since she was just a few months old!

Away from training, Fiona likes to repair boats and has done repairs on most boats within the team. She also plays hockey for Waltham Forest HC and likes to get out on her bike.


Date of Birth: 1982
Born: Alexandria, West Dunbartonshire, Scotland
Hometown: Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland
Lives: Waltham Abbey, Essex
Occupation: Athlete
Height / Weight: 1.69m / 73kg
Hobbies: DIY, drum kit, hockey, golf, photography, cycling


Class: Canoe Slalom: Women's Kayak Single (K1)
Olympics: Beijing 2008, Rio 2016
Paddling since: 1992
Club: C.R. Cats
Coach: Gareth Wilson
Boat Manufacturer: Vajda
Paddles Manufacturer: G'Power
Lottery Funding: UK Sport Podium Programme


Year Olympic Games World Championships European Championships World Cups National/Other
2021 Ivrea:
K1 - 25th
K1 Team - 1st
2019 Le Seu d'Urgell: Pau:
K1 - 11th
K1 Team - 7th
WC1 Lee Valley:
K1 - 29th

WC Final Prague:
K1 - 35th
2018 Rio:
K1 - 10th
K1 Team - 3rd
K1 - 3rd
K1 Team - 4th
WC2 Krakow:
K1 - 6th
2017 Pau:
K1 - 10th
K1 Team - 16th
K1 - 11th
K1 Team - 6th
WC Final La Seu:
K1 - 22nd

WC3 Markkleeberg:
K1 - 7th

WC 2 Augsburg:
K1 - 5th
2016 Rio:
K1 - 6th
K1 - 18th
K1 Team- 1st
WC2 La Seu:
K1 - 1st

WC4 Prague:
K1 - 11th

WC5 Tacen:
K1 - 3rd
2015 Lee Valley:
K1 – 9th, K1 Team – 2nd
K1 - 20th
K1 Team - 11th
WC2 Krakow:
K1 - 14th

WC 3 Liptovsky:
K1 - 24th, K1 Team – 4th

WC 5 Pau:
K1 - 16th, K1 Team - 3rd
2014 Deep Creek:
K1 - 2nd, K1 Team - 8th
K1 - 5th, K1 Team - 5th
WC 1 Lee Valley:
K1 - 18th, K1 Team - 1st

WC 3 Prague:
K1 - 14th, K1 Team - 14th

WC 4 Le Seu d'Urgell:
K1 - 15th

WC 5 Augsburg:
K1 - 26th,
K1 Team - 2nd
2013 Prague:
K1 - 17th
K1 - 1st,
K1 Team - 2nd
WC 1 Cardiff:
K1 – 15th,
K1 Team – 2nd

WC 3 Le Seu d’Urgell:
K1 – 9th,
K1 Team – 2nd
2012 Augsburg:
K1 - 3rd
WC 1 Cardiff:
K1 - 6th

WC 2 Pau:
K1 - 35th

WC 3 La Seu D'Urgell:
K1 - 23rd
WC 4 Prague:
K1 - 17th

WC 5 Bratislava:
K1 - 23rd
2011 Bratislava:
K1- 5th
Seu D'Urgell:
K1 -14th; K1 Team 4th
WC 4 Prague:
K1 - 7th
2010 Tacen:
K1 - 8th
K1 - 10th
WC 1 Prague:
K1 - 2nd
WC 2 La Seu d’Urgell:
K1 - 3rd
2008 Beijing:
K1 - 17th
2007 Foz do Iguassu:
K1 - 7th, K1 Team - 3rd
K1 – 10th, K1 Team – 3rd
WC 1 Prague:
K1 – 3rd

WC 2 Tacen:
K1 – 9th

WC 3 Augburg:
K1 – 9th

WC Series Ranking:
K1 – 4th
2006 Prague:
K1 - 2nd
K1 - 7th
2005 Jnr & U23 Krakow:
K1 U23 – 3rd
2001 WC 5 Prague:
K1 – 10th
2000 Jnr & U23 Bratislava:
K1 Jun – 3rd