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Ellis Miller

Ellis Miller

Slalom - Academy

Ellis is new to the World Class Programme for 2019 and begins the year a as Team C1 Team Junior silver medallist from the World Championship at Ivrea, Italy. Ellis also had a strong result in the C1 Junior event finishing 26th in the Semi-final before the course flooded and the competition was abandoned. At the Junior European Championships in Bratislava, Slovakia, Ellis narrowly missed out on another medal in both the C1 and K1 events, finishing 5th (C1) and 4th (K1) respectively. Ellis also competed in the C1 Junior individual event finishing in 10th place. 


Date of Birth: 2002
Lives: Hoddesdon
Occupation: Student


Class: C1, K1
Club: Lee Valley Paddlesports
Coach: Nathalie Siegrist
Lottery Funding: UK Sport Academy Programme


Year Olympic Games World Championships European Championships World Cups National/Other
2022 Ivrea:
U23 C1 - 29th
U23 C1 Team - BRONZE
2021 Tacen:
U23 C1 - 9th
U23 C1 Team - 4th
2019 Krakow:
Jnr K1 - 15th
Jnr C1 - 11th
Jnr K1 Team - 3rd
Jnr C1 Team - 9th
Jnr K1 - 24th
Jnr C1 - 9th
Jnr K1 Team - 6th
Jnr C1 Team - 4th
2018 Ivrea, Italy:
C1 Jnr Team - 2nd.
C1 Jnr - 26th (sf)
Bratislava, Slovakia:
K1 Jnr Team - 4th.
C1 Jnr Team - 5th.
C1 Jnr - 10th