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Chloe Bracewell

Chloe Bracewell

Sprint - Podium Potential

2018 saw Chloe achieve a 7th place at the European Championships in Belgrade in the C1 500m class. At the 2018 World Championships in Montemor O Velho Chloe obtained an 11th place in the C1 500m and 12th place in the C2 500m with crew-mate Katie Reid. 

Chloe's best result of 2017 was winning Gold in the C2 200m during World Cup 1 in Montemor-O-Veho, Portugal with Team-mate Bethany Gill.

Chloe joined the UK Sport funded Podium Potential Programme after completing a successful fast track Girls4Gold training programme in 2014  Chloe previously trained and competed in swimming and volleyball and, prior to canoeing, she was recruited to British Rowing's Start Programme following the London 2012 Olympics. 

Chloe has recently graduated from the University of Nottingham Medical School and is now a doctor.


Date of Birth: 1991
Born: Leeds
Hometown: Wakefield
Lives: Nottingham
Occupation: Athlete
Height / Weight: 5'9"


Class: Canoe Sprint C2 200m & 500m
Paddling since: 2014
Club: Holme Pierrepont Canoe Club
Coach: James Train
Boat Manufacturer: Plastex Fighter 200
Lottery Funding: UK Sport Podium Potential Programme


Year Olympic Games World Championships European Championships World Cups National/Other
2021 WC1 Szeged:
C2 500m - Semi-finals
2019 Szeged:
C2 500m - 11th
WC1 Poznan:
C2 500m - 10th

WC2 Duisburg:
C2 500m - 14th
2018 Montemor-O-Velho:
C1 500m - 11th
C2 500m - 12th
C1 500m - 7th
WC1 Szeged:
C1 200m - 22nd
C2 500m - 15th

World Cup 2 Duisburg:
C1 200m - 17th
C1 500m - 7th
2017 Plovdiv:
C1 200m - 17th
C2 200m - 15th
WC 1 Montemor-O-Velho:
C2 200m - 1st

WC 2 Szeged:
C2 500m - 15th
2016 Moscow:
C2 500m - 8th
WC 1 Duisburg:
C2 500m - 6th