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Bradley Forbes-Cryans

Bradley Forbes-Cryans

Slalom - Podium Potential

Bradley is a men’s K1 slalom kayaker and 2018 is his fourth year on the senior British Team. He got his season off to a great start qualifying for his first European Championships final where he came 8th and backed this up with a 9th and 5th places in the first two World Cups. The highlight of his season was winning a silver medal at the U23 World Championships in Ivrea, followed by a K1 Team gold medal at the World Championships in Rio.

In 2016 he won silver at World Cup 5 in Tacen.

Bradley, who started canoeing when he was 10 years old, also ski's and lifts weights when he's not out on the water in his kayak. 


Born: Edinburgh
Hometown: Roslin, Midlothian
Lives: Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire
Occupation: Athlete
Height / Weight: 1.79m / 72kg
Hobbies: Skiing, biking, weightlifting


Class: Canoe Slalom - Men's K1
Paddling since: 2005
Club: CR Cats
Coach: Mark Delaney
Boat Manufacturer: Galasport Sonic Boom
Paddles Manufacturer: Galasport
Lottery Funding: UK Sport Podium Potential Programme


Year Olympic Games World Championships European Championships World Cups National/Other
2018 Rio:
K1 Team - 1st

World U23 Ivrea:
K1 - 2nd
K1 Team - 19th
K1 - 8th
K1 Team - 4th
WC1 Liptovsky:
K1 - 9th

WC2 Krakow:
K1 - 5th

2017 Pau:
K1 - 28th
K1 Team - 11th

U23 Bratislava:
K1 - 5th
K1 Team - 11th

K1 - 24th, K1 Team - 6th
WC Final La Seu:
K1 - 17th

WC3 Markleeberg:
K1 - 24th

WC 2 Augsburg:
K1 - 31st

WC1 Prague:
K1 - 18th
2016 Jnr & U23 Krakow:
K1 U23 Team - 13th
K1 - 29th, K1 Team- 4th
WC1 Ivrea:
K1 - 6th

WC2 La Seu:
K1 - 25th

WC3 Pau:
K1 - 37th

WC4 Prague:
K1 - 14th

WC5 Tacen:
K1 - 2nd
2015 Lee Valley:
K1 - 18th,
K1 Team - 3rd

U23 Brazil:
K1 U23 - 18th,
K1 U23 Team - 5th
K1 - 17th,
K1 Team - 2nd
WC 1 Prague:
K1 - 15th,
K1 Team - 4th

WC 2 Krakow:
K1 - 20th

WC 3 Liptovsky:
K1 - 40th

WC 4 La Seu d’Urgell:
K1 - 30th

WC 5 Pau:
K1 - 20th, K1 Team - 2nd
2013 Jnr & U23 Liptovsky:
K1 Jnr - 4th, K1 Jnr Team - 10th
Jnr & U23 France:
K1 Jnr - 15th, K1 Jnr Team - 4th
2012 Jnr & U23 Wausau:
K1 Jnr - 14th, K1 Jnr Team - 13th
Jnr & U23 Solkan:
K1 Jun - 8th