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Regional Talent Academies

Regional Talent Academies (RTA’s) squads both complement and enhance local Club provisions in order to help promising young athletes progress in the Talent Pathway.

These squads will be introduced to a performance culture and environment that supports their growth as athletes. The RTA Coaches provide a holistic programme of education and development.

There are currently three Regional Talent Academies; Northern, Central, and Southern. The RTA Squads are selected in Winter and reviewed in Spring each year.

Northern RTA

Coach: Adam Johnstone

Clubs: Green Star CCManchester CCManvers WBC

Central RTA

Coach: Alice Haining

Clubs: Break Out CCHolme Pierrepont CCMidland CCProteus CCStafford & Stone CC

Southern RTA

Coach: Adam Johnstone

Clubs: Frome CCLee Valley Paddle Sports CC, Shepperton SCC, Winchester & District CC