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The British Canoeing Slalom Athlete Pathway aims to provide a seamless transitional pathway for talented athletes from Junior and Talent Programmes, into the Senior Slalom Podium Programme.

This pathway provides the best possible development of our future podium athletes and maximises our chances of Olympic success. The stages of the Slalom pathway are:

  • The Senior UK Programme
  • The Podium Potential UK Programme 
  • Home Nation Talent Programmes - for athletes aspiring to reach senior international level over the next 10 years

England Talent Pathway for Canoe Slalom

Our vision is to create a world leading talent development programme which supports every athlete to be the best they can be.

The England Slalom Programme is divided into a tiered, progressive squad structure with four clearly defined levels, selection criteria and aims:

  • England Performance Squad (EPS)
  • England National Talent Squad (ENTS)
  • England Super Regional Squad (SRS)
  • England Regional Talent Academy (RTA)

Each tier builds on the previous one, to provide a clear pathway for athletes to develop from club level with a step by step approach which recognises and rewards athletes at each level of their journey.

Success is a journey not a destination. The doing is often more important that the outcome

– Arthur Ashe- American Tennis Player; US Champion 1968, Australian Champion 1970, Wimbledon Champion 1975.