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Talent Club Partnership 2021-2025 Slalom Clubs

British Canoeing is pleased to announce the launch of the 2021 – 2025 Talent Club Partnership for Slalom Clubs in England. The Talent Club Partnership programme has been developed from a wider England Slalom Talent Strategy consultation process involving stakeholders across the Slalom community. 

The Talent Club Partnership has 7 key ambitions (listed below) which outline the purpose and direction of the programme: 

  • To increase the systematic recruitment and retention of junior members (in school years 5 and 6) active in their clubs.

  • To create greater clarity and understanding of the talent pool depth by having more regular and robust monitoring measures. 

  • To create paid professional coaching roles in clubs to deliver a high quality experience to its members.

  • To increase the number of appropriately qualified coaches operating regularly in a club environment and to engage with more coaches in coach development opportunities.

  • To support more clubs to offer quality developmental environments for young people to flourish within. 

  • To assist clubs to implement a long term business plan which can underpin and maintain a paid professional coach model.

  • Improve the collaboration and engagement between clubs locally and develop greater relationships between clubs and British Canoeing.

The Application Process

Applications will open on 5th February 2021 and close on the 8th March 2021 at 9am.

Applications must be made using the relevant applications form. Applications need to be submitted to Charlie Barwis, Talent Club Partnership Manager via email by the closing date and include all accompanying attachments. Once received in full, clubs will be sent an email confirming receipt of their application.  

Throughout the application process, support will be made available to you. A FAQ sheet has been developed to support clubs as well as an application form checklist to review prior to submitting. Additionally, further support is available through Charlie Barwis, the Talent Club Partnership Manager directly. 


Charlie Barwis
Talent Club Partnership Manager
Tel: 07534302473
Email: [email protected]

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