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Talent Programme

Launched in April 2013, the England Talent Programme aims to develop a world leading talent infrastructure for athletes throughout England. It is led and managed by British Canoeing and funded by Sport England.

Our Programme Purpose

To support talented athletes, coaches and clubs to be the best they can be. To support success in paddling and life, and have a positive impact on all those who pass through the programme.

Investment and support of promising young athletes remains crucial to the continued success of our sport.  The England Talent Programme is passionate about developing athletes not only to become elite performers but also to becoming better human beings. 

Participation at every level of our pathway presents a host of opportunities and challenges that can have a significantly positive impact on our aspiring athletes in the long term, regardless of whatever level of the sport they eventually achieve.

Participation in competitive sport, striving to achieve development goals, being challenged and learning to overcome setbacks involves the learning of skills that are supportive of a young person’s development within and beyond the sport of canoeing.

We passionately believe that success is a journey and not a destination, the growth of the individual is an end in itself.