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Performance Wellbeing

Use this page to find out about Performance Wellbeing at British Canoeing and to access key policies and forms.

What's it all about?

British Canoeing's Performance Wellbeing vision is for all athletes, staff and volunteers to thrive in a performance environment that allows them to fulfil their potential and reflect positively on their experiences.

In August 2017 the Performance Wellbeing Group (PWG) was formed, bringing together key staff, athlete, and external representatives to prioritise the wellbeing of athletes, staff, and volunteers involved in our Talent and Performance programmes. The PWG launch article is published here.

Jon Schofield

I'm delighted with the work that the PWG is doing. Our sport is a fantastic one and I am passionate about making sure everyone who is involved with it comes away with experiences as positive as those I have had.

– Jon Schofield, Olympic bronze and silver medallist

News: British Canoeing Launch Athlete Rep Group!

Arg Pic1

Left to right: Rachel Cawthorn, Emilia McAllister-Jepps, Jonny Young, Deborah Kerr, Charlotte Henshaw.
Click on the names below to see photos and biographies of the group members.

The Athlete Rep Group (ARG) will represent the voice of athletes across the World Class and Talent Programmes within our Olympic and Paralympic disciplines. The British Athletes Commission (BAC) - an independent membership association representing the interests of athletes in elite performance sports - will support the Athlete Reps in their voluntary roles.

The Athlete Reps will deliver the opinions and feedback of our athletes to senior staff including the Performance Leadership Team and the British Canoeing Board. Athlete Reps will also be equipped to act as mentors and advisors to support the queries or concerns of fellow athletes. This peer-to-peer scheme provides an alternative route for athletes to be heard when they may be unsure to whom or how their comments should be delivered.  

Our inaugural British Canoeing Athlete Reps will hold term for an initial period of one year. The 2018 Reps are:

Emilia McAllister Jepps, Chair (World Class Programme alumni, Sprint)
Rachel Cawthorn, Vice Chair - Sprint (World Class Programme athlete, Sprint)
Jonny Young, Vice Chair - Paracanoe (World Class Programme athlete, Paracanoe)
Kimberley Woods, Vice Chair - Slalom (World Class Programme athlete, Slalom)
Deborah Kerr, Communications Officer (World Class Programme athlete, Sprint)
Charlotte Henshaw, Communications Officer (World Class Programme athlete, Paracanoe)
Jess Walker, Communications Officer (World Class Programme athlete, Sprint)
Mallory Franklin, Projects Officer (World Class Programme athlete, Slalom)

The ARG will be an important vehicle for driving forward the empowerment of athletes within the performance programmes. I am looking forward to representing and supporting all British Canoeing athletes, providing a voice to ensure that as a group we are heard, but also to highlight that people are actively listening. I would like everyone who is a part of a performance programme to have thrived and for it to be a positive experience.

– Emilia McAllister-Jepps, Chair of the ARG

Contact our Athlete Rep Group

If you are an athlete on our World Class or Talent Programmes and you would like to contact the Athlete Rep Group, you can:

1. Speak to any of the Reps face to face within your daily training environment. 
2. Email them on
3. **COMING SOON** Anonymous online comment box.
4. Email them individually on:

Emilia McAllister-Jepps: 
Rachel Cawthorn:
Kimberley Woods:
Jonny Young:
Deborah Kerr:
Charlotte Henshaw:
Jess Walker:
Mallory Franklin:


Etienne Stott and Zofia Campbell talk Performance Wellbeing


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Mallory Franklin Semi Final

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Support Staff

Meet our Performance Wellbeing Coach:


Read more about our Performance Wellbeing Coach

Hi – my name's Zofia and I’m the Performance Wellbeing Coach at British Canoeing. It’s my job to help make British Canoeing a positive environment for athletes, coaches and volunteers, and to support with any questions or concerns relating to the wellbeing of our athletes. I’m based at Holme Pierrepont in Nottingham, but also visit Lee Valley regularly, so if you see me around please do say hello!  

If you'd like to get in touch, feel free to contact me on

Lee Valley dates:

16-17 May 2018
6-7 June 2018
27-28 June 2018

Meet our Performance Lifestyle Advisor:

Read more about our Performance Lifestyle Advisor

Emma works as the (EIS) Performance Lifestyle Advisor for British Canoeing working as part of the multi-disciplinary support team for athletes on the Olympic and Paralympic World Class Programmes.

The Performance Lifestyle service exists to ensure that there is an appropriate balance between the pursuit of performance and the care for the person behind the performance. The main areas of expertise within Performance Lifestyle are: Managing Transitions, Supporting Wellbeing, Career Development and Planning, Personal and Professional Development and Finance. For more information please click on the link here or see the PL Delivery Principles here.


The Performance Wellbeing Strategy

Find out more about the Performance Wellbeing Group

View Performance Wellbeing Strategy


Raising a Query or Concern

At British Canoeing we want to encourage a free and open culture across the whole of our sport. If you’re worried about something or if you have a concern or question, we want to address it. Communication is essential for us to resolve problems, but also for us to be aware of and deal with potential issues before problems arise. Click the icon below to find out where to raise your queries of concerns:

Report Incidents or Safeguarding Concerns


Visit this page to see our Safeguarding contacts that will be happy to talk with you about any concerns.

British Canoeing Safeguarding Policies and Guidance

British Canoeing Performance Information

Performance and Wellbeing Advice

Information about Mental Health Support

External Support for Athletes

World Class Programme Athlete Handbook