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To see the latest results for international Paracanoe Competitions and National Regattas please follow the links below. Many of the competition websites will show live results as races are completed throughout the competition period.

Latest highlights

Paracanoe Athletes Make History Winning 3 Golds & 2 Silvers in Rio

It just shows what’s achievable if you try something different and enjoy what you do - that’s what I tell my kids.

– Jeanette Chippington after winning her Gold medal in the KL1 Women's race

Today just feels like a massive achievement for us all. I’m blown away by how professional we are and how world class we are and how we’ve done it. We’ve done it!

– Emma Wiggs after winning her Gold medal in the KL2 Women's race

It feels incredible standing up there on the podium and seeing your family and everyone watching and cheering, and my daughter having a tear in her eye.

– Anne Dickins after winning her Gold medal in the KL3 Women's race and achieving Team GB's 100th medal at the Rio Games

International Paracanoe

World Championships (Olympic Qualifier), Duisburg 17-19 May

Paracanoe, Rio 14-15 September

Domestic Sprint

National Regatta, Nottingham 9-10 April

National Regatta, Nottingham 7-8 May

National Regatta, Nottingham 4-5 June

National Regatta, Nottingham 2-3 July

National Regatta, Nottingham 3-4 September

Canoe - National Regattas: Current Year

2015 National and International results sites

International Paracanoe

World Cup 3, Copenhagen 29-31 May

World Cup 2, Duisburg 21-24 May

World Cup 1, Montemor 15-17 May

European Championships, Racice 30 April - 3 May

Domestic Paracanoe

National Regatta, Nottingham 11-12 April

National Regatta, Nottingham 9-10 May

National Regatta, Nottingham 6-7 June

Domestic archive

Canoe Racing archive