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Paracanoe Policies Feedback

Help us develop future Paracanoe policies by completing our anonymous feedback form below.

The Paracanoe International panel, in response to athlete and community feedback, introduced a new format of selection policy in 2018.

It contained clear principles implemented in response to that feedback. These were  Transparency and Objectivity, with the policy allowing athletes to 'select themselves' against clear criteria in a specific identified race(s). 

While the panel accepts that there are a number of learnings that will improve the clarity of the policy for 2019, policy development for 2019 will start now with a draft 2019 policy available for consultation in September 2018. 

To assist the panel in further improving future policies in line with the principles agreed, the Paracanoe IP welcomes feedback on the 2018 selection policy.

We would like to know specifically what you liked and how it can be improved, while maintaining the principles of objectivity, transparency and clarity on specific races for selection to identified events.

Paracanoe Policies Online Feedback Form

Please provide constructive feedback on the 2018 Paracanoe Selection Policy in terms of what you support and what alternative options should be considered. We encourage you to contribute what you do like about the policies as well as what you don't like. Closing date for feedback is Monday 13th August 2018.